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Epiphany Toilet

Epiphany Turd

Ryan with the lid off
Hi. I'm Ryan. I'm a student at Arlington Middle School, where I basically rock the house on a daily basis. I like football, basketball, and wrestling (NOT the crap you see on TV), and I've got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle. Well, maybe not the eighties.

As far as music is concerned, I like early 90s alternative (like the stuff my older brother and sister listened to when they were in high school), such as Nirvana, Offspring, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, and Silverchair, as well as older stuff like U2, The Cure, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and the Beatles. Not only have my brother and sister helped shape my musical interests, but I also hope to follow them in their artistic footsteps. My sister is a writer and musician and my brother is an artist.

Anyway, I'll be putting my writing up here. Thanks for stopping by.